UNISON Greater London Labour Link Support Sadiq Khan

Greater London UNISON’s Regional Labour Link Committee today (4 September) agreed to support Sadiq Khan as Labour’s candidate for the Mayor of London.

UNISON affiliates to the London Labour Party and was asked to decide whether or not they wish for Sadiq Khan to be automatically reselected as Labour’s candidate.

The Committee decided to unanimously back Sadiq based on his record of supporting Londoners at work, promoting trade unions and trying to tackle London’s challenges on housing, pollution and crime.

John Gray, UNISON Labour Link Chair, said “Sadiq has always placed Londoner’s and UNISON members concerns at the heart of everything he does.

“We are proud to offer our support to him to carry on the job of making London cleaner, greener and safer”.

Yvonne Green, UNISON Regional Convenor, said: “With our decision we confirm what Londoners know already, this Mayor is committed to making London a fairer and more equal city for everyone.”