March Against Low Pay

15 December 2018 10:00am–12:00pm

Mornington Crescent, Camden High Street (by the War Memorial)

Camden UNISON Local Government branch are marching in support of NSL members in their campaign to win decent pay, Saturday 15 December at 11am, assembling at Mornington Crescent/Camden High Street, by the War Memorial.

Traffic wardens in Camden are on strike for 14 days to win decent pay. They work for private company NSL, and make both the company and Camden Council millions in profit. NSL pays their company directors over £250 an hour, but is refusing to pay the traffic wardens just £11.15 an hour. The 400% pay rise given to the top director over the last two years would cover the cost of raising the wardens’ salaries twice over. So there’s plenty of money available for them, but not for the traffic wardens.

Camden UNISON believes our traffic wardens should get a better share of the profits they make for NSL and the Council and you can help them achieve this by supporting their strike, visiting the picket lines and coming on the march this Saturday.

Assemble 11am, Saturday 15 December at Mornington Crescent/Camden High St (by the war memorial), march to Camden Town.

There are also picket lines in advance of the march, from 7 – 10:30 AM at:

  • Kilburn Base – 199 Belsize Road, NW6 4AA
  • Camden Car Pound – Regis Road, NW5 3EW
  • 13-15 Guilford Street, WC1N 1DW

For more information contact