In your work place

UNISON members in Greater London work in public services and utilities across seven different types of work:

Local government

A large number of our members work in local government, whether that is working for local councils, housing associations, social care, libraries and many others. Our local government members provide a wide range of essential services, which UNISON passionately believes support our local communities, and provide the “glue” that keeps our diverse society united.

Health care

UNISON is the UK’s largest healthcare union with over 400,000 members who work in the NHS nationally and for private contractors providing NHS services.

Our health members are nurses, student nurses, midwives, health visitors, healthcare assistants, paramedics, cleaners, porters, catering staff, medical secretaries, clerical and admin staff and scientific and technical staff.

UNISON cares passionately about the future of the NHS as a publicly funded service that is free at the point of delivery. Campaigning to defend the NHS is a key priority for the union both in Greater London and nationally.

Education services

UNISON represents over 350,000 education staff nationally.

Our members include librarians, registrars, people working in personnel, information technology and finance, policy advisors, administrators, secretaries, cleaners, caretakers, craft workers, porters, technicians, teaching assistants, early years staff and school meals workers.

Water, environment and transport

UNISON members in the water industry include engineers, scientists, technicians, industrial workers and staff working in offices and call centres. The work can be hazardous, so our first concern is good health and safety for everyone. We believe that all our members should be able to develop professionally and work in an environment which is free of discrimination, bullying or harassment.

In transport our members work for a wide range of transport organisations, such as passenger transport executives, bus companies, British Waterways and regional airports. Their jobs range from managerial, administrative, clerical and manual to engineering roles.

Our members in the Environment Agency work in clerical, administrative, technical, professional and scientific jobs and UNISON is the largest trade union recognised by the agency. Consequently UNISON takes the lead role on all employment related issues with the Agency.


Our members in energy work mainly in the electricity and gas industries. They include everyone from clerical and administrative staff to senior managers. Many members need professional qualifications to carry out their jobs and we support a number of qualified engineers.

We have a large membership in call centres, including customer service representatives, team leaders and call centre managers. Other members work in billing and data processing, finance, payroll, human resources, facilities, procurement and logistics, meter reading, debt collection, information technology and administration.


UNISON is the largest union representing members who work in voluntary and non-profit organisations, which range from large national charities to small grant-aided projects. Our members work in every type of job across all grades. They provide a range of services to local communities and campaign on many different issues. UNISON provides a strong focus and a prominent voice for all of our members in the community and voluntary sector.

Police and justice staff

Our members work for the police service, the probation service and the child and family courts advisory and support service (CAFCASS).

UNISON represents the interests of a wide range of probation workers including case administrators, managers, cleaners, cooks, probation service officers, hostel staff, unpaid work staff and victim liaison officers.

The union aims to improve the working lives of all members in the police and justice staff group.

Private contractors

UNISON supports over 67,000 members employed by private companies working across the public sector – hospital cleaners, environmental health officers, school meals workers and call centre workers. These members face particular challenges and issues, which is why UNISON decided to create a dedicated service group to represent their interests.

The more active our members are in the work of the union, the more we can achieve together.