Regional Diversity Forum

The Greater London region is proud to be the most diverse region in UNISON.

The Regional Diversity Forum (RDF) is a sub-group of our Regional Committee and is made up of representatives from Regional Committee, all regional self-organised groups, service groups and Labour Link Committee.

We have the responsibility of co-ordinating the region’s equality work; including monitoring representation and proportionality of branch officers, activists and those attending our training courses. We also ensure that equality is on the agenda of every regional level committee / group and we have also developed the Regional Equality Strategy, which strengthens the work that we do within our region, workplaces and branches

We know that equality issues are not an ‘add-on’ or a ‘bolt-on’ to everyday trade union work, they are at the core of what we as trade unionists do. Dealing with equality issues is not ‘more work’ – it is the work of the union.

Every trade unionist, every UNISON member or activist has a duty to challenge discrimination wherever they see it. The Greater London Region will ensure that members and branches have the tools available to do this; through providing guidance and promoting equality work throughout the region.

The Regional Equality Strategy underpins the principles of equality and encourages the mainstreaming of equality issues throughout the region and branches. It will include ensuring that good news stories around equality issues and best practice from branches and self-organised groups are publicised.

The Regional Equality Strategy will be a living document that will be regularly reviewed and will be continually developed. Overall, the responsibility for the implementation of the strategy lies with the Regional Committee.

The RDF is chaired by the Regional Equalities Convenor.