Disabled members

Through self organisation, disabled members help the Union to identify and challenge discrimination. This helps build equality throughout the work of the Union.

It can also be a valuable way for members to get involved in the union, develop skills, expertise and confidence.

Greater London’s Regional Disabled Members Committee (RDMC) meets four times a year including the annual general meeting. Branches are entitled to send one delegate and an observer to the RDMC.

Branches with newly formed, developing or active Disabled Members’ groups are encouraged to join the Committee. The RDMC also has reserved seats for the other three regional self organised groups.

The RDMC has elected representatives to attend meetings of the Regional Council, Regional Committee and various sub-committees in the Region.

Committee members who attend these meetings raise issues which affect disabled members and report back to RDMC meetings.  The Committee also has members who attend the LESE Disabled Members’ Network.

The committee runs a training session prior to National Disabled Members’ conference which all delegates and visitors are invited to attend.

Visit the national Disabled member’s site