Camden traffic wardens enter fifth week of continuous action

Company top boss gets 60% pay rise but says union claim is too high

Striking traffic wardens in the London borough of Camden, have entered their fifth week of continuous action.

The workers, mainly low-paid Black staff, are employed by private company NSL on a contract from Camden Council.

They’re striking for better pay, after NSL offered an increase of just 57p an hour.

UNISON’s claim is for £15.90 an hour, they currently receive £12.70.

Recent NSL financial figures show that the highest paid company director’s salary increased from £258,000 in 2021 to £412,000 in 2022 – meaning a pay rise of 60%.

Traffic wardens meanwhile, are working 42.5 hour weeks, in tough conditions often while facing abuse from angry motorists, and still struggling to pay their bills.

The workers have been picketing their workplaces daily, and have received fantastic support from the public. UNISON London regional secretary Jo Galloway visited the picket lines, along with TUC LESE who came along to show their solidarity (pictured below).

On Wednesday 16 August, 35 striking traffic wardens travelled to Birmingham to take their message to Marston Holdings, the parent company of NSL and held a rally outside the building (pictured below)

With a 73% turnout and 100% vote for strike action, UNISON members are determined to continue this through to the end. NSL must put a sensible offer on the table. When it does, UNISON is ready to meet to discuss how to end the strike.

Want to show your support? Join the march through Camden Town on Saturday 26 August.
Assembly point: Mornington Crescent outside Koko 12:30pm

Picket lines:
Kilburn – 199 Belsize Rd NW6 4AA – Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, 7-10am

Camden Car Pound – Regis Road NW5 3EW – Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays, 7-10am

13-15 Guilford Street WC1N 1DW – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 7.30-10am

Media contact:
Emma Davey M: 07432 733187 E: