Windrush 75 Regional Event

UNISON Greater London Region was proud to host our Windrush 75 Regional Event last night, to celebrate the Windrush Generation and the vital contribution of Black workers to UNISON and London’s public services.

Windrush has become a symbolic moment in the story of the Black British contribution to the UK and the broader post war migration from across the Commonwealth. 

It is well known that Britain had a massive labour shortage after the Second World War and the Windrush Generation arrived to help with the post war reconstruction, taking up positions in key areas, especially in transport and the newly created National Health Service, which began days after the arrival of the Windrush

Today Black workers play a major role in the NHS and other public services, particularly in London and last night was a fantastic opportunity to recognise and celebrate that contribution.

Before the event, we sought nominations from branches for the Windrush 75 Awards. There were three categories:

  • Most successful or innovative campaign to support or recruit Black Workers
  • Most Significant Contribution to Black members within the Union
  • Most Significant Contribution to their community

Well done to Chris Akaluka from Newham Healthcare, Gloria Hanson from Newham Local Government and Janet McKay-Williams from Waltham Forest who were the winners last night!

Chris took home the award for most successful or innovative campaign to support or recruit Black Workers, Gloria the most significant contribution to Black members within the Union and Janet the most significant contribution to their community. Well done all!

We had the pleasure of being joined by UNISON’s National Secretary for Equalities, Gloria Mills and Cllr Anntoniette Bramble, Deputy Mayor of Hackney.

Thank you to all of our activists for attending, it was great to see so many of you!