Proud to be out in UNISON – London Pride 2023

UNISON were proud to march in the London Pride parade this Saturday (1 July 23), with many members from across Greater London region taking part.

Whilst the world of work has changed immeasurably for LGBT+ people, the fight is not over and we must remember – Pride is a Protest. LGBT+ people are still fighting for equality, and a recent study from the TUC, demonstrates the large amount of work still to be done in order for there to be parity in the workplace.

There was a broad consensus across study participants that progress on trans rights is not only slow, but may even be going backwards. Participants described the lack of confidence of their colleagues and employers in talking about, or even understanding trans and non-binary identities. Many spoke about the media narrative around trans issues – noting how the equivalence given to anti-trans views in many areas of public debate filters down to workplaces, with managers unaware of their legal responsibilities.

Other common themes that emerged are that LGBT+ people have low expectations for how they will be treated at work. Workers described feeling “lucky” if they have inclusive managers and colleagues, and “grateful” when basic equality standards are met. Everyone could easily recall recent instances of workplace homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

UNISON is proud to stand up for thousands of workers across the UK and the rest of the world in our fight for equality. There is still a lot of work to be done and trade unions are a key vehicle in achieving this. Employers must be brave and step up to build inclusive workplace cultures where everyone is treated with respect.

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We’re looking for volunteers! UNISON Greater London LGBT+ are proud to be sponsoring Middlesex Pride on Saturday 12 August in Osterley Park. We need help to ensure the day is a success, and to get our message for equality out to as many people as possible. Could you lend us a hand? Please sign up here.

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